CERMAX - Centro de Ressonância Magnética António Xavier, located within ITQB (Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica), is one of the centers of the Rede Nacional de Ressonância Magnética. Its principal mission is to make the best possible conditions for using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance available to the Portuguese scientific community, as well as disseminating knowledge of the technique.

Despite national academic community focused on the CERMAX is a center open to the outside, accepting proposals for projects from scientists and researchers of foreign as well as domestic origin and also from industry.

CERMAX hosts the spectrometer with the highest field in Portugal (a Bruker AvanceII+ of 800MHz equipped for experiments with solids as well as liquids) and the center also has two spectrometers of 500 MHz (one of which is also equipped for the acquisition of spectra of solids) and one of 400 MHz. These instruments support a wide range applications, including the determination of structures of proteins or small molecules, metabolic studies, science of materials and in vivo NMR, among others.